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October 01, 2012


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Jodi Murphy

"fewer of them go unrecognized today because of the better education of the medical team"

I think he made a great point. It may look like kids are getting more concussions in sports, but it probably is impacted by the fact that more people are recognizing the symptoms of a concussion and handling it better. Is it perfect? No. But great strides are being taken.

ka jones

If this is a book about concussions and youth sports why is the majority if not ALL of the discussion about football? You cannot allow your children to live in a "bubble" just in case something may happen. I have witnessed the recovery of my father having a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, yet have no issues with letting my 11 year old son play the game of tackle football. This year specifically, we have heard so much more about soccer players with concussions due to heading the ball....lets share the focus and discontinue giving football a bad wrap please.

OL Edwards

It is the reponsibility of parent and coach to insure youth playing football or any sport are kept as safe as possible. As a former tackle football player at the D1-college and pro levels; and a parent it is essential that coaching innovation come into play...introducing better tackling techniques, that allow a player to not self-direct an attack with his head (defense or offense). Dr. Cantu makes it very clear from a medical perspective that head trauma is not good. See the reference to www.trainemupacademy.org for the "Helmet-Free-Tackling" technique being deployed by many youth/high school football programs and USA Football (NFL) effectively reducing the incidence of head trauma and concussion. If I let my son play football today, he had better know how to tackle without leading with his head.

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