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December 01, 2010


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Jake Williams

Very interesting article. As a neurologist (and coach for my sons youth football team, living in CA, I am keyed into concussion articles on the local and national level. Mr. Schwartz has done a fine job of keeping us all well informed and frankly, entertained at times. I found it interesting to read his quote; “It's funny because we almost never get credited anymore.” While the platform he has of the NYT is huge and he has done yeomen’s work for the past 3-4 years there is one group whom I have been following since 2001 when a boy from here-Matt Colby died of sudden impact syndrome. The website is MomsTeam.com. They are the media too, yet I know (from talking with them) they rarely get the credit for bringing the youth concussion issue to the fore well before the New York Times or anyone else was working hard on the issue.

I and many other coaches in our league have routinely handed out MomsTeam health and safety articles. A couple of years back, I ran into the founder of MomsTeam-Brooke de Lench, the day she was the keynote speaker (excellent keynote) at the National Sports Concussion Summit here in CA. I had the chance to talk at length with her. Ten years after they first launched the comprehensive concussion awareness section in the MomsTeam site. It is still the only site we point our parents too for extremely well written lay articles. The beauty of what these folks have done is they are youth sports advocates first, journalists next and they have dedicated their lives to bringing youth sports parents the best of the best information. Hope this helps someone in need of comprehensive concussion info for their kids.

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